2PS PRO Training

Discover the best sales secrets

Knowing how to sell yourself is not natural. Unless you have done marketing studies, no one has ever taught you neither how to sell, nor how to sell yourself.

That's why we developed the 2PS PRO Training, an exclusive training for independent consultants who want to sell themselves better.

At the end of this training, you will:
Boost your turnover in a sustainable way. You will discover the proven sales techniques and methods used by the best consultants from all over the world.

✅ Reinforce the effectiveness of your working methods to satisfy your customers even more, thanks to an update of your management and communication tools.

✅  Update your brand image, thanks to an effective sales pitch workshop, which will be filmed, edited, and published on your 2PS profile, and relayed to our sales team.

Obtain an official certification issued by a 2PS League Manager, which proves that you are familiar with the processes used in the largest consulting firms.

The 2PS PRO training program:

This training in presence is composed of 5 fundamental modules, which follow all the steps of a full customer support, from pre-sales to the customer reference, including the sales process and operational aspects.


Module 1: Pre-sales

Who are you, what is your role? Do you know how to make it clear to your client? Learn how to take care of your platforms of influence to make your profile unforgettable

Module 2: Sales

You're not the right person to sell yourself... and that's normal! Discover the power of cross-selling and learn how to send clear offers that integrate others.

Module 3: Execution

Are your working methods up to date? Discover the best tools, tested and approved by our team, to support you in your daily practice. Also learn how to create effective Powerpoints!

Module 4: After-sales

Are you looking for customer references and testimonials after your mission? What to do with them, where to post them? Don't forget to stay informed, curious and regularly trained because your industry is always on the move.

Module 5: Your pitch in video

In this special module, our team helps you write an effective sales pitch in less than 40 seconds. We will film you and publish this video presentation on your 2PS profile directly.


🎥 They have completed the 2PS PRO Training

« I had a lot of questions, but it was very difficult for me to find some answers to them, I’m glad I could finally get an answer to all of them on the training. What we did this morning was really extraordinary, I really enjoyed it.» - said Touriya Joubert [in French]

«My impressions? Great! My feeling of belonging to 2PS? Perfect! The training was very didactic and informative. A real thank you because I found that the training was super practical, it fits our needs as consultants, and helps the expert on a daily basis.» - said Florence Gregeois [in French]

« I had a very good day of training, I am quite enthusiastic about the future and my ability to better sell advice and support from now on.» - said Grégoire Prudhon [in French]