💸 2PS credits, a new payment method 💸

2PS credits are a new payment method adapted to consulting missions

2PS credits are a new payment method that solves all your problems as a consultant:

  1. The guarantee to be paid 💰.
  2. Negotiate each of your interventions more easily.
  3. No more hourly rate problems to explain ⏲️.
  4. No more invoices to issue to the customer.
  5. Easy follow-up of your interventions 😄.

But the biggest benefit for you is to increase your chances to close a new customer. They love this pricing system because it is like a prepaid cash reserve that gives them many advantages:

  1. Be in control of their expenses 🚥.
  2. Budget the interventions of external consultants.
  3. Optimize their taxes by purchasing 2PS credit banks before the end of their fiscal year, which they can reuse the following year.
  4. Ensure that the work will be delivered before the final payment 👌.
  5. Freedom to change the direction of their project and adapt the team of consultants to their new needs.

This new payment method will soon be available for all Premium members.
Feel free to contact us for more information.