New professional resources to deliver projects faster and more efficiently

It is a long time ask from the community and we are very happy to introduce this new feature on 2PS.

Experts, you can now access a directory of Freelancers, who are ready to be involved in your projects. If you ever had a good experiment with a Freelancer before, you can now recommend him/her to the other consultants in 2PS network. On the other hand, you can also access a list of trusted-Freelancers the other consultants have liked to work with.

Type of Freelancers you can find in the directory

In the directory we accept any Freelancers whose skills and services are related to your fields, without restriction. You will find there some graphic designers, translators, writers, virtual assistants, web developers, mobile apps developers, voice-over, video editors, bookkeepers etc.

2PS Freelancers’s role and place

Freelancers are a resource ; they are not 2PS members. That’s why they don’t have the same advantages as you, and why they also need to pay to access the platform.

However, if you want to refer a Freelancer you’ve already hired, we created a special 99$/year offer you can send to them via this page:

Even if they are not part of the network, Freelancers are also invited to some 2PS events, to incite them you to meet you and introduce what services they can provide to you.

Where can I find Freelancers on the platform?

How can I deal with a Freelancer?

2PS offers you an access to Freelancers directory, but you are free to deal with them the way you want. You are the one to decide how to contact them, to negotiate their fees, to manage the customer relationship and to choose who will be invoiced (you or your clients). 2PS takes neither a commission, nor charges on the bills.  

You will have a role to play (in progress)

You have a real influence over Freelancers’ experience within 2PS network. To start, we give to each experts 5 recommendation points. You can give these recommendation points to Freelancers however you like. For instance, you can give one point to thank a Freelancer for the quality of his services or to cheer him up to get started on the platform, but you can also give 2 or 3, even all your recommendation points, to one Freelancer.

These points exactly work like yours. The more points the Freelancer get, the higher he will appear in research results - and at the end, he will be more likely to be hired on new projects.

What can you do if you don’t have any recommendation points left ? First, you must win more! You will get more recommandation points as soon as you reach some scores. More recommendation points will also be offered when you acquire specific badges or after some events. Otherwise, you can take back points you gave to a Freelancer to give them to another one.