What is the 2PS League manager's role?

Our manifest

2PS is a large network of professionals. In cities around the world, independent consultants join our community in search of collaborators to meet the needs of their clients.

Locally the League Manager facilitates this collaboration between members, represents them to potential clients, welcomes and trains new members.

What is a 2PS League?

Each League Manager is responsible for a 2PS League. A League is made up of a maximum of 100 members chosen from within the 2PS network, active in the same area.

Being part of a League gives you several advantages:

  • Be involved in your League Manager's sales strategies, thus acquiring potential new customers
  • Be involved in major mission projects with other League members
  • Receive business intelligence alerts about companies in your area that may need advice
  • Have the right to create or join specialized expert groups (TA5KFORCE)
  • Be invited to exclusive meetings between members (M33TUP)
  • Present or participate in conferences (2PSHOW)

To join a League you must contact a League Manager, and ask him to accept you into his group. When you apply, you will see the number of places remaining in that league. If there are no more places left in a particular league, you can still contact the League Manager, as he may decide to accept you instead of a less active member, or less aligned with his commercial strategy.

No 2PS League in your area?

Do you want to support the creation of a 2PS League in your area? It is possible to acquire a 2PS license and obtain the right to use the 2PS brand and platform to form a group of independent consultants in your city.

You can apply or suggest someone who would be suitable for this role. Contact our Regional Manager or the community support team, so that a new 2PS league can be created.