How to invoice your clients

How to create an invoice, correctly fill out the details and send to your client.

1. Creating an invoice. 

To begin, login to your 2PS account. Look at the navigation bar to the far left of the screen, click on the "Business" tab then select the third option down "Send invoices". This will bring up an generated invoice, containing some details you filled in on your profile. 

The details for your invoice are automatically generated from the data you entered when you first created your profile.  If some of these are false you will have to go back to your profile to change them.  Find out how to fill out your details correctly for your profile here.

2. Adding the Required Information.

Some information will need to be manually filled out , such as invoice name, invoice number (what number invoice this is, such as INV 01, INV 02 etc) client email address, the price you're charging your client and the amount of the tax. Please note this is the billing tax from where you are billing from, not from where your client is located.

When you have finished, click on "create". 

On the right top corner you have a black box with several options: 

1. "Customer Preview" allows you to check what your invoice will look like. 

2. "Get a Link" will allow you to send your client an invoice example by email. This means you can finalize the details together and make sure you're both happy with the outcome.

3. "Send by Email". You will have to complete this step manually, as sending the invoice is not an automatic process. 

Dispute Resolution

On the rare occasion a client is unhappy with the amount you have billed on your invoice, contact2PS. We are happy to provide dispute resolution.