Allocation of 2PS points.

How and when are my points awarded?

Our point system is central to the 2PS network. It's incredibly important to our team that they are fairly allocated. 

If you have completed an action BUT not received your points it's important you tell us straight away so we can remedy the situation. 

Are Points Awarded Manually or Automatically?

Both skill and sharing points obtained via billing are automatically done by our system. Skill points are awarded when you charge a customer. Share points are received when another expert bills a client you referred to them. 

Billing through the platform is simultaneously the only way to automatically receive your points and the best way to earn as many points as possible.  

All other points are awarded manually. Your local ambassador, Regional Manager or a 2PS team member is in charge of allocating points. For now, we have kept this as a manual action in our system to avoid people being allocated points they haven't earned. 

Making sure everything is fair in our network is number one priority 

Why is There a Delay Before my Points are Visible? 

Points won via billing are only automatically awarded after the invoice has been paid by the customer. The entire process can take between a few minutes to 24 hours, depending on the payment method used and the number of transactions to process.

Points earned by actions that require manual validation, such as assistance with a M33TUP, referring a 2PS member (you have to wait for them to be accepted), or a customer recommendation are taken care by our team in Montreal who have to communicate with your Ambassador and review the quality of the action before awarding the points .

Therefore for any action that is not simple to validify point attribution may take several days. For example, the analysis of a photo, article or a customer review/recommendation will take more time to validate than checking with the local ambassador for a list of who participated in the latest 2PS M33TUP.

What do I do if I do not see my points after a week?
First, contact your local Ambassador who can verify whether or not he has yet to give the go-ahead to the team in Montreal for your points. If you do not have a local Ambassador or if they have not been able to respond quickly, contact 2PS via instant chat. ( Right bottom corner of the screen)