What's the importance of points?

Rise in the search results and reap the rewards when you earn points through 2PS.

Your point score is a precious commodity within the 2PS network. To the community, it defines if you're somebody other consultants would like to work with. To potential clients, it shows your level of proficiency as a consultant, and how many successful jobs you have completed within the network. 

Your score is a combination of skills and sharing points. 

For Clients 

The 2PS search engine uses the number of skill points you have earned across each of your skills to decide whether or not you're eligible to show up in the customer search results for the service they are searching for.

Depending on several other factors, including the number of sharing points, your final search ranking will then decided.

The final search results only show the top 10 consultants. You can do a private search to see where you rank. Your rank is not visible to other users. If you find yourself falling in the results it may be time to see what you can do to earn points and move up. 

For your ambassador

Your points let the ambassador know you are an active network member of his/her league. The ambassador has two constraints: 

1. He/She receives a percentage of what 2PS makes with its league.
2. He/She is not allowed to accept more than 100 members.

To accept new and promising members in the league, less active members are removed. 

For Other Network Members 

Your sharing points let others know you are a network member that if they refer to a client or project of theirs, will return the favor. Your skill points display your aptitude as a consultant to those who are considering bringing somebody onto their project.

Both your local 2PS ambassador and 2PS Regional Manager will use your points to gauge your eligibility for special privileges, such as being a 2PShow speaker, participating in a 2PShop, or being invited to a national or international C4LL. For the full range of 2PS events check our website section: 2ps.com/events
Badges are important too, but 2PS points play a pivotal role when it comes to deciding between two consultants.

Additionally, points allow access to certain 2PS benefits that we negotiate with our partners such as workspaces, insurance etc. 

Do not overlook the importance of 2PS points- but overall. 

Remember to Play Nice!