Common questions from clients

We've answered the most frequently asked questions to 2PS.

What does expert status mean?
Only experts whose professional experience, training and skills have been carefully evaluated by 2PS, have access to our platform. This ensures that only the most qualified and engaged independent consultants enter our network and appear in your search bar.

How can 2PS precisely meet my needs?
By entering your professional expectations in our search area, our algorithm takes into account the skills you need, the proximity and performance (judged on past experiences and interactions with other consultants) of our consultants, to offer you exactly what you are looking for.

How does 2PS provide a global solution for my business?
Our international community includes professionals in several sectors of activity. If the consultant you are dealing with is not a specialist in the specific field of your request, it is the community that will find the right advisor for you and who can develop the perfect solution to your mission... For this community of consultants, it is the Ambassador of a local League 2PS who is responsible for the personal project of each of the consultants, by choosing them and making them collaborate between them to put at your disposal an efficient team.

How are contracts and agreements organized at 2PS?
Each 2PS project uses two contracts: the first with a set of integrated agreements, including intellectual property, contract termination, confidentiality agreement, asset ownership and basic dispute resolution; the second with specific project objectives and agreements to be established between you and our consultants.

What is your privacy policy?
Apart from the 2PS professionals working for you, no one has access to your private information or the scope of your project.