How do I use the "Post a Job" function?

The "Post a Job" function can save you time when looking for the right expert.

The Post a Job Function is useful when recruiting a unique skill or team of consultants or you can't find the exact skills you require on the platform. 

  1. Connect to 2PS by using or creating your Login. 
  2. Select the "Business" tab on the menu to the far left of the screen. Scroll down to "Job Opportunities". 
  3. In the top right of the screen, you will see the button "POST A JOB OPPORTUNITY". Click on this. 
  4. Fill in the form according to what you require for the job position. 
  5. To make your job post viewable to the general public, make sure the slider next to active is slid to the right so it is (displayed). If you just want to save and come back to your job posting later leave as is.
  6. To post your job press the "Save" button. Your job posting will be reviewed by the 2PS team and posted on the platform the same day.

If you require any further assistance contact us. We can talk to our ambassadors and find consultants in your area that match your requirements.