Connection problem

Missing password and connection error

There are 2 authentification methods to connect to

  • Social connection (Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Microsoft) - in blue
  • Email/Password combo (traditional) - in pink

With the social connection (OAuth), you just click on the provider you used to create your account (or linked to update your profile photo) and you will be automatically connected through the provider if you are already login in, or asked to login in (provider popup), and redirected to

With the social connection (OAuth) there is no password (2PS side), so you will not receive any email when you use the "Don't remember your password?" link.

If you use the "traditional" Email/Password combo to create your account, you will be able to use the "Don't remember your password?" link.

If you don't remember your email or authentification method, do not hesitate to contact us.