I can't find the skill I'm after on 2PS. What do I do?

Our "Post a Job" function allows you to place a skills request on our platform. Alternatively contact 2PS and we can handle your request.


The Post a Job function is useful in the following situations. 

  1. When you don't want to waste time searching the platform for a specific skill. 
    Write your requirements and post straight onto the platform. Our pre-vetted consultants check the platform daily for new opportunities. Once they apply you can view their application one by one and work out who you would like to contact. 
  2. When your search through the platform doesn't yield the results you wanted. We have a numerous amount of 2PS consultants who have skills that they haven't felt necessary to state on their profile. Let them come to you by posting an opportunity. 
  3. When you require a team for your project.
    The post a job function is an easy way to list a number of skills you require and accumulate a professional team without searching individually for each consultant. 

Find out how to use it here. 

If you require additional help feel free to contact us. We can talk to our ambassadors and find consultants or a team of consultants in your area that match your exact specifications.