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Regional manager

Regional manager

As a Regional manager you are our direct partner, establishing 2PS in your region and building your own team of League managers and partners. Take advantages of the 2PS international brand and core values to develop your business!

As our direct partner, you shape the future of consulting with us! 2PS is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) license that includes a Branding authorization. Buying a 2PS license allows you to be the owner of a 2PS affiliated consulting firm that uses the software developed by 2PS to manage autonomous consultants.

Expand 2PS in your region.

You create your own business plans and set your own goals. You are free to hire licensed League managers, Brokers, and partners. You schedule your own vacations and work under your own pressure, not someone else's. This freedom enables you to build your business to any level you desire.

Keep your entrepreneurial spirit.

You are free to explore new ways of doing business, as you don't depend on top-down approval. Our Regional manager are encouraged to be the first to pioneer trends that lead to increased productivity.

A powerful brand.

Placing the 2PS logo behind your name provides instant credibility and opens doors to more exposure, more referrals, and more business as part of an international organization of independent consultants.

Our technology at your service.

Take advantage of our gamified platform to monitor the performance of your region and to engage your team. Your license comes with a full G-suite and a full access to our 24/7 chat system (with online support).