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Stephane Prud'homme

Stephane Prud'homme

Stephane Prud’homme has more than 20 years of broad communications experience working with large Canadian corporations and international agencies in Quebec, the rest of Canada and in Asia. He has experience reputation management, media relations strategy, issues and crisis management, integrated communication strategy and business communication.

Before moving to Beijing in 2008, Stephane worked for Hydro-Québec and Rona in Canada, supervising multiple national events and developing integrated communication strategies and crisis management as well as being a corporate spokesperson in multiple media interviews.

An accomplished trainer, Stephane has coached hundreds of professionals in Canada, France and in Asia via conferences, seminars and workshops on crisis management and emergency communication, public relations management, integrated communication, strategic planning, media relations, spokesperson credibility and public speaking.

In 2007, he founded Public Relations Without Borders, an NGO whose volunteers conduct humanitarian missions in Africa, South America and India. He has also worked closely with the Research Centre Foundation for Media Relations, part of the Public Relations Marketing Communications Chair at the Université du Québec à Montréal.

Stephane has a Master’s in Organizational Communication for which his thesis was on corporate spokesperson’s credibility. He also has an MBA from Rutgers University which he obtained while working in China. Furthermore, he is a PhD candidate in Business Administration with a research focus on CEO credibility and reputation. Stephane is fluent in French and English and conversant in Mandarin.  |  twitter @stepru