Senior Consultant / Tech/Fintech/Media

Stefano Diemmi

Stefano Diemmi

Stefano is a cross-culturally proficient senior executive with global experience in start- up management, product development and building and leading teams across multi- channel businesses. 

At goSwiff, before appointed to COO role, he oversaw growing the business in Europe and developing new products and services on the consumer products, especially Value Added Services for increasing engagement and rewarding shopping experiences both mobile and online. 

Stefano worked at Buongiorno for 12 years from its start-up up to the sale of the company to DOCOMO Europe. Stefano supported the growth of Buongiorno covering different roles globally from operational management to leading the team for the launch new innovative services around social media aggregation and location based e-commerce. 

Stefano holds a Bachelor of Engineering and Business Economics from the University of Parma, Italy.