Consultant marketing digital et big data

Samuel Maugard

Samuel Maugard

As Ambassador of your League 2ps, I'll be at your side to help you find contracts, find good 2ps consultants who will help complete a quote, or help you with your own business.

I'll deal with the 2ps show meetups and events in order to transform your services into solutions for our customers.

I'll be there to create a synergy within your group in order to have a League 2ps that can compete with the largest agencies of consultation.

Let's build together a strong and dynamic League of consultation and make it a household name in the field of consultation.

My specialty is digital strategy consulting. I will develop yourdigital communication plan from A to Z and implement an action plan to help you improve your strategy and proceed with your digital transition.

I am a transformer; I transform your problems into digital solutions and business solutions while helping streamline your processes.