A deliverer of my own and other people’s disruptive technology products, I am especially interested in the challenges of businesses exploiting mobile connectivity, Disruptive Networks. In particular, I can quickly and rigorously appraise if a business plan is realistic, how it is currently progressing and assessing if its projected resources are sufficient and of the required quality.

My selected achievements include:

  • Winning €40m in fresh business for leading international mobile Wi-Fi provider Nomad.
  • Increasing revenue for my own e-commerce consultancy from €50k to €2m.
  • Injecting a new commercial focus into the courses of a leading French IT university.
  • Coaching and mentoring the entrepreneurs of several disruptive start-ups through to the successful launches of their companies.

An experienced manager of people, suppliers and customer relationships, I am also an influential manager of stakeholder relationships with investors and business partners. A creator of cultures that foster delivery, I am particularly interested in opportunities to lead disruptive start-ups and their teams at President, Managing Director (MD) or Chief Executive Officer (CEO) level.