Business Performance Consultant

Mike Reardon

Mike Reardon

If you wish to transform your goals into reality?

Then simply Mike @ bEffective is your team! 

Behind Mike @ bEffective is a team of people and resources who can improve your business performance.

  • Mike begins by evaluating your vision, and related go-to-market strategy.  Does it need tweaking or something else? 
  • Perhaps it is worth taking a closer look at day-to-day tactics evolving from your strategy.  Are you business processes streamlined across business units?  While engaging both staff and clients to act?
  • Of course, any plan or tactics are as good as the people who execute them - or make it happen.  Simply it is not about talent!  It is about people who are dependable, accountable and get the job done.  Do you have either one?  If so or not, did you want a plan to find, hire and on-board players to be part of a team that will get you there?
  • Hopefully your business dispenses with measuring the past and put score-keeping in place similar to what we find in golf. If not, maybe it might interest you to review scoring that is present and prepares you for the future within the 'Game of Work'?
  • Less we forget that it is the 21st century, there is no question that you have technology in place to enable the above .  If so or not, would you be interested in doing more, faster and better?

Now if you are committed, ready with passion and prepared to act.  Transforming your goals into reality can be guaranteed.