Technology expert and Funding Innovation specialist

Loïc Bisière

Loïc Bisière

My mission is to help companies choose the right technologies, adapted to their reality. Whether you need an IT manager for a project, or my expert opinion to make the right decision at the right time, I am here for you. My dual expertise in technology and finance allows me to provide you with the right solutions, and even better, I help you to finance them.

I’m a rule breaker.

As long as I remember, I’ve always been fighting hard to transform, revolutionize, reinvent education, industries, companies by focusing them on the human being. As a CTO, I am in charge of the development of the 2PS platform, and in particular the creation of collaboration mechanisms using rules inspired by video games.

And my professional values are absolutely in line with my personal values. I left the south of France to settle in Quebec in 2008, where I started two years ago in the adventure of co-living with another family.

In my old life, I created a Netflix-like project, long before it was cool (with an average of 500,000 visitors per day), and I was the Guild Master of a 200-players guild on World of Warcraft. It was on this occasion that I made my debut, learning to code by myself, day after day, while managing a critical mass of users. 

Always on the lookout for emerging technologies that also want to change the world to make it better, I have taken the turn of the Blockchain and crypto economics, of which I am a passionate enthusiast and actor.