Juliette Rolland

Juliette Rolland

Expert in gamification ; also a graphist, videographer, and photographer

As a freelancer, I offer writing, graphic design, photo, and video (with motion graphics) services. My job is to make your work looks amazing - literally.

I work in : French, English, German, and Spanish.

About my gamification expertise:
I fundamentally believe in collaborative, sharing-driven business models. To boost people to gather and to work together, I take inspiration from where collaboration bloom naturally and surprisingly all the time: games. As an early adopter and tech enthusiast, and a gamer (RPG lover mostly), I play, explore, and apply new tried and tested mechanisms to rise collaboration and keep people engagement levels high. And the best part is you don’t actually need to play any game to get on board, not even to understand it; it comes naturally to everyone. 
Let's apply game mechanisms to your company! 

At 2PS:
I'm the Head of Operations at 2PS.com and also its official graphic designer, and photographer/videographer. 

What else:
 - hardcore gamer (I've plated all Dark Souls serie - Bloodborne too, spent 500h+ on Skyrim, at least 300+ on Witcher 3)
- studied piano, violin and the drums at a French Music Conservatory for 11 years
- happy owner of two cats and three axolotls (Google it!)
- travelled to Armenia and to China, and I'm still learning Mandarin
- my favorite authors are Giono, Kafka, Magnan, Artaud, Buzzati, Lovecraft etc.

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