Julia Khouri

Julia Khouri

Hello 2PS !

I am glad to join the platform as I am looking for collaborations in consulting projects, helping firms along with consultants reaching their goals in marketing.

I gathered experience in both online and offline marketing, which allows me to help with a wide range of services:

  • Online (Digital marketing)

-Digital strategy

-Google Adwords and Facebook ads manager

-Community management

-Social media planning (content and post strategy)

-Influencers and sponsorship management

  • Offline : (Strategic marketing+ Sales empowerment tools)

-Market studies 

-Strategic marketing 



-Fair conceptualization and preparation

-Promotional ideation and preparation

Sectors explored to date: 

-Construction (prefab concrete) 

-Painting industry

-Mobile billing industry

-Urban art events management

Do not hesitate to contact me for further collaboration. Seeking for professional and personal growth with ambitious, smart and creative people to run a revolution in business habits through digital transition. Let's play with digital tools and make the best mixes for optimal growth. 

Best regards, 

Julia Khouri