Ian Lajoie BAA Finance | LE #1 Coach de Performance | Entrepreneur | Speaker

Ian Lajoie

Ian Lajoie

The #1 Performance Coach | Serial Entrepreneur | Speaker

His mission is to "Influence leaders in their development to their full potential by providing a strategic vision for their companies." Business Professional & Performance Coach at Leaders Factory, he is constantly evolving from the business community to the executive level.

He began his academic career by successfully completing the first year of actuarial science, after which, he decided to pursue the business administration program with a specialization in finance. Driven by his desire to continue to build his business acumen, he is now pursuing a part-time MBA in business management.

The world of entrepreneurship has always been his passion, driven by an idea to save lives, he founded the "Safety ForLife Program's". A 9V battery delivered directly to your home to ensure that your smoke alarm is functional. 13 majors foundations joined his campaign. This initiative earned him several honors, including a certificate of excellence at the 11th Québec Entrepreneurship Contest as a Regional Laureate.

His professional career began in the financial services industry, where he built a solid reputation in the banking sector. Persistent, curious and guided by mentors, he has managed to undertake many large projects.

In turn, he has decided to give back to entrepreneurs, business executives and anyone who wants more in their lives, withing strategic advice.

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email :  success@ianlajoie.com T.+1 (514) 618.6506 #LeMotduCoach