Management Consultant & Sales Mentor

Eduardo Navas

Eduardo Navas

Developing business for service companies - Service expert & Sales mentor

Our Value proposition:

Ejecución por Excelencia is the responsible Consultancy model (meaning affordable high impact), that allows Business Owners (involved in the management of their activities) to generate:

1st Healthy Growth

2nd Sustainable results

3rd Aligned talent, with the right incentives, in order to empower every objective.

EXE improves (or changes) your business, in less time and with higher outcomes.

We bring profitability and easiness through our Philosophy (3 pillars):

I.-   Strong Values, starting with the mandate loyalty (we comply with the work assigned),

II.-  Excellent hands-on effort, close to the client and actionable – your team acquires the required skills and methods,

III.- Easy implementation, with simple Management Systems supported by Visual tools.

And we commit to all of this either involving ourselves in your firm (Interim Management, or Responsibility Management) or being responsible for the success of the solution (Project Management).