★ Change & Leadership Consultant, Business Coach, Trainer & Speaker ★ Leading and Achieving Lasting Change IMPACT ★

Dominique Forand

Dominique Forand

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I am Dominique,

★ Why hire me as a Change Leader? ★

« I do things on purpose and with purpose. » I’m leading business transformation with the purpose of growing YOUR business and increasing YOUR success & benefits.

I help organizations achieve lasting change and get the work done by engaging teamwork who avoid the mediocrity trap and providing solutions to develop soft skills that are critical for any business growth. I also help leaders bridge the leadership skills gap to eliminate the disconnect between organizations and employees by developing critical success skills, work attitudes, and self-management skills.

★My promises and commitments to YOU and YOUR stakeholders:★ 

• Bring Inspiration for the change then make people want to contribute

• Engage and encourage your people teams to bring their full and best selves to work. 

• Achieve, and get the work done– Challenge people to do something differently 

• A commitment to achieving – pushing and enabling your organization to meet your objectives and goals

• Grow your people and your organization

• Lead the change with all the support required and make sure that the status quo goes away 

• Grow myself - personal continuous improvement, and never finish my job as developing myself as a better leader 


★ I Help high potential leaders stand-out, achieve and flourish ★ 

★ For CEO and EXECUTIVES - What would your business look like if your "LEADERS AND MANAGERS" were better equipped to successfully lead business transitions, to get the best out of their team, and efficiently drive YOUR BUSINESS INTO THE FUTURE?

With +25 years of practical experience in business transformation, an MBA specialized in Human Behaviors, I bring a unique combination for YOUR success. 

Please give me a call today and see how I can help you stand-out as a powerful leader at 1-450-522-9260

All my best,

Dominique Forand, MBA, CRIA