Venture Strategy and Execution

Davender Gupta

Davender Gupta

Davender's passion is to equip managers, founders and entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills and confidence to enter, engage and lead their markets by thinking and acting strategically.

He offers a wealth of experience gained in innovation-rich environments as an R&D engineer, a project manager, a founder, mentor, and nationally recognized business coach. He is dedicated to building successful entrepreneurs, companies, ecosystems and communities.

Davender's approach empowers SMEs to thrive in an unpredictable world. He is an accomplished consultant, trainer and speaker, highly appreciated for his practical approach to business. He asks thought-provoking questions which get to the truth. Davender wants you to adopt a discipline of strategic thinking and action to get results:

•Rethink business models to set yourself apart from your competition and improve your results;
•Develop a strategic mindset to think and act with discipline and agility;
•Equip your team with the foundation, skills and systems to execute and grow with purpose;
•Reduce the risk and improve the success of launching new offers, entering new markets and executing merger, acquisition or transfer opportunities.