Does your organization have difficulties attracting and retaining young talent?
Are executives and staff above 40 struggling with the impact of digital disruption?
Is the company culture pushing back on the agile initiatives?

Combining my Coaching and Consulting skills, Operational experience as a Business Developer and Digital Training at “Ecole 42”, I provide innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to addressing the needs of customers and companies challenged by digital disruption.

As a co-founder of #digitalcocoon (#grandeecolenumerique), I customize innovative initiatives based on peer-2-peer and experiential learning to develop an agile posture and digital competences in a VUCA environment. I equally deploy group exercises and projects based on gaming and role play to build personal and team resilience.

Over the forthcoming years, I believe that organizations will either embrace their digital transformation or fall by the wayside to be nostalgically remembered by some. The successful players of tomorrow will need to drive a strong customer experience focus; a culture of collaboration, innovation and agility; an environment that promotes continued learning coupled to test, fail and learn; a willingness to integrate new digital tools and services and above all a clear vision and commitment from top management.