Cultural broker / head of design



As consultant in textile industry, my main expertise is lingerie and swimwear. Currently managing my own design consulting agency, I offer creative solutions for fashion design & production. We work as a bridge in between Europe and Vietnam, where we follow all steps of design to production: trends, sourcing, R&D, design, fitting...

The markets I'm dealing with are both for women & menswear, in Europe, US and Australia.
I have a particular attraction for the trends from a fashion, as well as a sociological point of view, thus I'm also providing, trend board stories, store checks studies, brand analysis (style wise). I have a various experience, trends & product wise. I have worked for 10 years in lingerie and swimwear, before taking the challenge of RTW and OW for my actual position of creative head... With a 7 years experience in Asia, sometimes I had to fit my stylistic knowledge to local market and propose appropriate products. My career took me on different design path through different missions for both women and men wear.

Expatriation offered me a big capacity of adaptability to new situation and cultures, thus I became a motivated, passionate, mobile and a flexible cultural insider. A big part of my job is largely using my global cosmopolitan & cultural broker experience.

Specialties: Lingerie, swimwear, contemporary ready to wear