CTO at Mapeeco

Ali Esmaeili

Ali Esmaeili

Ali is a highly accomplished, skilled and knowledgeable computer engineering graduate with extensive knowledge of programming and computer science applications. Ali loves building tools and technologies for entrepreneurs, companies and organizations so they can succeed. Ali has made big taken multiple roles (advisory board, software and web development, sales and customer support and even C-level) during his career and it helped him understand the pain points of each member of the team and give creative solutions for those problems. 

Ali is a strong supporter of women in technology. He shares articles and news regarding advancements of women in technology in groups, networking events and forums with entrepreneurs and organizations. He volunteers with different organizations and supports research and studies to make an impact on women in technology.

During his free time he likes to watch comedy and go to social events. From his perspective nothing is better then having a good laugh before going to bed.