Business internationalization

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More and more startups recognize the importance to be a  born-global firm that internationalizes early and fast.

The benefits making your startup global are numerous, and the reasons to do it fast are clear-cut:

  • Charge higher prices and offer products to a bigger number of potential clients, hence covering better the costs associated with innovation.
  • Recognize and react to foreign customer demands.
  • Avoid fluctuations and business cycles specific to a single market/region.
  • Create international alliances to get access to complementary assets — which determine who benefits and loses from innovation.
  • Benefit from economies of scale lowering production costs and increasing performance.

However, internationalization is very challenging for entrepreneurs because it requires specific abilities and excellent preparation including, for example, market and product adaptations.

Thanks to its global network 2PS can support your startup to think and act globally.

2PS Taskforce

Independent experts team up

2PS experts team up as specialized working groups called Taskforces.

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This 2PS group of experts, made up of lawyers, tax experts, growthhackers and financing specialists, is particularly suited to assist stratups on the Europe-Americas and North America-Africa axes.

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  • Connect Startups with foreign investors
  • Helping owners to adapt to new market
  • Supporting internationalization operations
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