Blockchain Adoption

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Blockchain hype has died down over the last months, with prices of major cryptoassests dropping far below their record highs. But despite the drop in media and public interest, blockchain technology is developing rapidly. If you want assistance to see how blockchain is poised to shake up your industry or if you plan to use blockchain for a major project our Taskforce is a perfect starting point.

From ICOs to enterprise blockchainsblockchain technology is rapidly changing and shaking up many industries. 2PS experts know which corporates are finding success with blockchain, and why.

2PS Taskforce

Independent experts team up

2PS experts team up as specialized working groups called Taskforces.

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This group of 2PS consultants masters the unavoidable elements for a proper Blockchain Adoption: Regulation, Technical, Concepts.

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  • Blockchain
  • DLT
  • ICO
  • Crypto-assets
  • Tokens
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