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2PS organization brings together hundreds of independent consultants in over 20 countries. Today 2PS is the only decentralized, international business consulting collective, that makes it easier for independent experts. Our complete ecosystem is ready to help you in every aspect of your practise. Get all the advantages of being in a big consulting firm, without the hassle. Keep your independence with 2PS!

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2PS creates and organizes a facilitating ecosystem for business consultants who want to serve their clients better - thanks to collaboration

I keep my own trademark

Because my independence is precious to me I work “with” 2PS but I keep my own branding.

I manage my own ecosystem

Events, partners, trusted subcontractors… I am not alone! I develop my network and improve my online visibility.

I have partners in 20+ countries

I meet more than 600 business consultants like me and gather in taskforces with other experts

My dedicated sales force

I benefit from a dedicated sales force. 2PS international and local representatives, certified brokers, and other experts promote me to clients

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2PS commits to respect and not interfere with the originality and the independence of each expert. All our 600+ consultants keep their own fees, branding, work hours, and customer relations. We offer them a complete ecosystem of more than 500 specialists, clients, and B2B partners, centralized on an online platform. They can showcase their expertise by writing articles or selling training. 2PS experts can also join their local League in their city, to enjoy weekly events and conferences in our coworking spaces.

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  • Join a local League
  • Create or join a group work
  • An accredited seller
  • 2PS helps you to get clients
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*3 and 6 months plans are also available


Take the full potential of the GO account and get your formation

  • Get your fundamental formation
  • Join a local League
  • Create or join a group work
  • An accredited seller
  • 2PS helps you to get clients
  • And much more here

*All formation fees included


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  • Full access to the 2PS platform
  • An accredited seller
  • Create or join a group work
  • 2PS helps you to get clients
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*save 1,399US$

*2PS invites advisors, consultants, and coaches with a strong background in management and/or strategy to join our network. Having worked independently for at least 2 years is mandatory. Pioneers of new practices and traditional advisory services are welcome, including marketing experts, HR specialists, IT consultants, finance and tax experts, business operations advisors, and more.