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2PS, a facilitating ecosystem
2PS is a solution provider dedicated to the growth of independent consultants. We support experts in all aspects of their business (visibility, customer acquisition, collaborative tools, benefits, etc.).

A whole ecosystem of advantages

Glocal: a proven model
Our league-based organization - moderated by facilitators and local matchmakers called League Managers - merges the power of personal relationships with the strength of an international network.
Each League Manager gathers and manages a group - with a capacity of 100 experts - using dedicated tools and methods. 2PS aims to help the ambassador increase their league’s profitability on an individual and group scale. 
Become a 2PS League Manager       
Recruiting only the best experts
2PS invites advisors, consultants, and coaches with a strong background in management and/or strategy to join our network. Having worked independently for at least 2 years is mandatory. Pioneers of new practices and traditional advisory services are welcome, including marketing experts, HR specialists, IT consultants, finance and tax experts, business operations advisors, and more.
If you are not a management or strategy consultant, get listed as a service provider to be included in our members' projects.
Management consultants that Play Nice
2PS members are encouraged to collaborate for the benefit of their clients. Local ambassadors organize events including conventions and networking workshops to facilitate trust and cooperation.  
In addition, our platform puts the hundreds of experts in the network in contact with each other, and enables them to respond to calls for tenders and carry out projects at national and international level.

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I'm giving a new dimension to my independent consultant's status

By joining the 2PS international community:


I meet more than 560 experts over 20 countries   I collaborate and gather in task forces with other experts

I benefit from a dedicated sales force   Ambassadors and brokers promote me to clients  

I get access to the ecosystem I deserve  
Events, partners... I am not alone anymore!

I keep my trademark
because my independence is precious to me

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The scope of  
my daily challenges

Fight isolation

Develop my network

Find new clients

Improve my online visibility 

Invoice and collect payments

Find trusted subcontractors

Make money with my knowledge 

Increase business opportunities

2PS creates and organizes a facilitating ecosystem 

 for consultants who want to serve their clients better - thanks to collaboration

 Respect the originality and the independence of each expert (price, brand image, hours, customer relations etc.)

 560+ consultant in more than 20 countries

 500+ freelancers, clients and B2B partners

 An online platform 

 Events and meetings every week

 Conferences and video calls monthly

 Articles and trainings

 B2B solutions, coworking spaces, benefits etc.

I create my mini-firm of consulting

 I create a Task force or join an existing working group

 I collaborate peacefully with experts like me

 I benefit from the 2PS sales force, including a brokers' network

 I attend specialized events for my Task force (conferences, meetings etc.)

 An integrated invoicing system

 Creation of a dedicated webpage to my Task force

With 2PS


1personal Go account

Perfect for an independent consultant member of 2PS's network.


I subscribe to 2PS

6 months plan available


5 Go accounts for you and your consultants

Perfect for little firms and

consulting agencies.


Save US$1,396 

I subscribe to 5 GO accounts

I join 2PS now

 Play Nice

At 2PS, we are convinced that the best results are achieved by people working together.

Cross-selling is in your consultant's DNA, so we have created an advanced point system that promotes collaboration and 
valorization of your expertise.

Becoming a 2PS expert means getting your expertise recognized by an entire community of professionals.


"Should consulting firms tremble?  2PS. com, created by French people, wants to compete with KPMG, Deloitte ,and others."

2PS, as seen in media

"2PS is a platform of independent consultants conceived as a guild, where community and support come first."

Free your independent practice

Play Nice and make collaboration goes live.

Join 2PS and keep your independent consultant freedom, 
while enjoying benefits from an international consultant firm.

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