How gamification, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies transform the digital fortunes of businesses

Transform the digital fortunes of your clients

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event November 21, 2017 6:00 PM (8 months ago)

Are you a Digital Transformation consultant? Are you curious about Gamification, Blockchain, and Crypto-currencies technologies and their disruptive potential? How can you use them as an independent consultant to transform the digital fortunes of your clients?

During this conference Toby Beresford CEO and founder of and Yann Rousselot-Pailley CEO and co-founder of will discuss how what appear to be separated trends at first, are actually deeply connected and are the foundations of a larger revolution, reshaping the future work. 

You will discover how Gamification engage projects participants better than money, and how cryptocurrencies reward them better. You'll also get a general overview of Blockchain and what kind of decentralised and gamified applications are already reinventing organisations.

What is a 2PS how

"2PS Hows" offer unique opportunities for businesses to network and discuss a burning topic or issue with experts and advisors. 2PS London members, working in collaboration with each other, are organising this first edition, as a launch of a new kind of business consulting firm in UK: 2PS. Founded in Canada, but with a strong presence in the world from New-Zeland to France, 2PS promises to be a game changer in the United Kingdom consulting industry.

We look forward to seeing you there
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WELCOME M33TUP Bordeaux /CEO World Tour !

WELCOME M33TUP Bordeaux /CEO World Tour !
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Yann ROUSSELOT-PAILLEY (CEO de 2PS) sera présent pour notre prochain Welcome M33TUP!

2PS Toronto Launch Event

2PS Toronto Launch Event
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Let's change in the consulting in GTA