Be successfull with 2PS



You don't need to be a consultant to be part of one of the most profitable industries. As a broker at 2PS, you benefit from the strengths of the 2PS network, while maintaining your independence!

Get full access to our consultants’ directory.

As a Broker, you get access to all the 2PS network members to put them in contact with potential clients. We invite you to every of our public events, as they are good opportunities to meet our consultants and know more about their expertises.

Monetize your network.

Your objective is to obtain a fee, known as a commission, and to trigger the signing of service contracts for 2PS network members. Through our platform, 2PS allows the members to pay your commission directly, but also to designate a Broker if they create an invoice on 2PS. We will therefore pay the Broker’s commission once the client pays.

A powerful brand.

Placing the 2PS logo behind your name provides instant credibility and opens doors to more exposure, more referrals, and more business as part of an international organization of independent consultants.

Evolve your career.

As a 2PS Broker, you are a privileged member of the 2PS network. You will own a mail address, business cards, and other marketing support. However, if you want to become an independent consultant, or if you want to create your own consulting firm and then become a League manager or a Regional manager, your role can evolve with 2PS.