Why you make more money by giving 2PS a cut

We all hate ‘service fees’

You discovered our innovative operating model and are excited to join the 2PS network. You know that 2PS automates cross-selling of services between independents and that you can receive qualified leads thanks to other network members.

But you're hesitating to migrate your existing clients to the 2PS. Why lose 15% of the fees, when you can keep 100% of what your clients pay?

Firstly, what do our fees go towards?

2PS offers two accounts type: standard and GO. GO members pay a membership, a network transaction fee of 5%, and a bank transaction fee (variable depending the processor). Standard members pay only transaction fee, but 15%! 

We use these funds for marketing activities and organizing events that facilitate more cross-selling among the network members.

Only when you use credits

When your client buys credits, no fees are taken yet. The fees are only charged when a consultant uses the credits to provide a service to the client. Your client's money is safe.

Paying 15% of the fees actually saves you money.

Yes, you heard that right: you save money by sharing 15% of your clients' fees with 2PS. Here's why. Imagine you are an independent consultant. You are your own boss, you work the hours you want, you keep 100% of what your client pays - everything is fantastic.

...except one thing - the amount of time you spend on marketing your services and establishing credibility. On average, independent consultants spend about half of their working time doing administrative tasks such as marketing. Half!

Moreover, you can't afford to not spend this time and money on marketing activities. Unfortunately, as an independent consultant, you don't have the benefits that the consultants in big consulting firms enjoy - independents do not cross-sell each other's services, whereas large firms get as much as 95% of their business from cross-selling within the company.

So let's say you work 40 hours a week, which means really, it's 20 hours of actual consulting time. Let's say you charge your client $130 per hour.

At the end of the week, you would have earned $2,600.

Now let's imagine you join 2PS. You have the same amount of time in a week, but the difference is, you don't need to do your own marketing anymore. With 2PS, new clients could be yours, and you can cross-sell within the network to get more clients!

Not having to do marketing means you can do twice as many hours doing consulting. Or twice as many hours that you get paid for, if you like.

So now, you still work 40 hours a week, and still charge your client $130 per hour. The 15% admin fee is subtracted from that, but because you do more billable work, at the end of the week, you've earned $4,420!

That's 70% more than what you would have earned without 2PS!

figures illustrating how admin fees make you money

And this is just the beginning!

Once you meet other network members and start getting referred by other consultants, you will have new clients, and more hours to work (if you want, of course).

This means that with time, your earnings within the 2PS network increase!

So, do you start to like paying fees? Indeed