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2PS is different. We are a lean, cost effective alternative to big firms, using the latest technology to provide you with the best independent consultants and an increasing pool of top talent. By encouraging collaboration between field leaders, 2PS' network provides the exact skills your business is missing to stand out above the rest. When you hire one expert with us, you get an entire network of worldwide expertise.

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Our experts may come from different backgrounds, but all our pre-screened 2PS consultants share common factors that make them a field leader. WIth experience in top performing companies, a strong academic history, specialized knowledge and a go-getter attitude, our consultants are smart enough to realise that they don't need to work for a big company for success - but they do need a network of like minded professionals to make sure they can deliver everything to their client a big company can. Our algorithm favours those who perform well and collaborate with other consultants in addition to those who are in close proximity. We want professionals that deliver the whole solution for your business, start to finish
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Place the perks of a large consulting firm at your fingertips.
Enter your business needs on our online platform and instantly choose from a refined selection of talent with the exact experience, qualifications, and attitude to match your project and budget. You can use an expert for a small project or one of our 2PS ambassadors as personal project manager who will provide and manage a fully functional team for your business. 2PS delivers all the benefits of a consulting firm; just leaner, simpler and at a higher value for money.