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2PS can help your organization connect to the right assistance - within your expertise and beyond.


Do you run a coworking space? There are many things already included in your packages. How to go a step further and create a genuine community in your space.

Why not offer expert advice as part of your package? Before you know it, your space will be the #1 hotspot for up and coming businesses!

Partner with 2PS and get great benefits!

The benefits:
  • Access to our network of consultants from every background
  • Free consulting credits
  • Exclusive workshops for your renters and business helpline

How 2PS expect from a coworking space partner? Host up to 6 2PS events/year and offer exclusive perks to our community members. 

They already trust us

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2PS experts are a collective of pre-vetted consultants at the top of their field: finance, IT, operations, HR, marketing. Your B2B solution are more likely to be implemented if recommended by a trusted business professional. Work with top 2PS professionals who have the desire to yield results for you, themselves and their clients. Better than a reseller! Our experts target fast-growing enterprises. They've had over 10 years experience at large companies and have established a range of clients accross a large selection of industries. 

We provide your with the tools to educate 2PS members on how to resell or implement your solution. 

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