Our technology

2PS automatically connects business needs to a custom team of professionals from our international network of handpicked business consultants

To positively disrupt the consulting industry, 2PS founders did not simply create another online marketplace; they wanted to come up with a collaborative business model to better support our clients. All this, at a small fraction of the cost of large consulting firms. And to do that, they needed a new technology.

Under the hood

At 2PS, we are developing our algorithms, web platforms and mobile apps with consulting industry in mind. Our developpers objective is to achieve the 2PS founders vision: creating a viable alternative to large consulting firm thanks to a network of autonomous but collaborative experts.


When we came to the point of computerizing the 2PS collaborative approach, we chose to call it S4IL for a simple reason: our CEO and founder Yann Rousselot-Pailley had the idea of 2PS concepts on a sailboat. S4IL does 2 things. It matches customers' business needs and skills of our experts. S4IL also encourage collaboration with gaming concepts, particularly those from MMORPG games. With S4IL algorithms, we do not only "magically" match business needs and experts' skills but we also assemble leaner project teams of freelance consultants.


A2PS is the backend, the foundation, of the 2PS platform. Originally, created with Big Data in mind, this technology was designed to easily analyse large set of data. A2PS has advanced data manipulation mechanisms and is based on robust and open web technologies. A2PS can virtually enable any web app to share data with the 2PS platform.