Why We Do What We Do.

Consulting for the Modern World

It's becoming apparent the Digital World is no longer a hypothetical future. It happening right now - and we're leading the way for the consulting side. 

The consulting industry has had the same model for over 100 years. It's built on reputation, a strong business heirachy and a big platform of existing clients.  We can see its value, but we can also see the different way it could be done. 

That's where the 2PS concept shines brightest. 

Focusing on the People

At the end of the day it's not the size of the firm or the company that helps a business measurably improve. Problems are solved by real people. With real experience and real motivation. Not organisations. 

Get the right people in the room and nothing is impossible. This is what 2PS is all about. Our platform matches customer needs directly to people with the most relevant skills and experience.

We aim to provide a credible alternative to the big business consulting firms. Our model focuses on the individual. Free of overhead costs, middle management and lengthy bureaucratic processes our clients get the best talent to help them improve their business performance - without the unnecessary cost. 

Building a Better World

We know that companies have the power to make a positive impact. Ethical services, interesting job roles, respectful workplaces and strategic decisions aimed to benefit beyond a organisation's bottom line, can have a direct social influence. 

Consultants, or those "smart outsiders" have a role to play in this. They go from one business to the other sharing what works - and what doesn't. They have the power to increase the performance and the scalability of the company they advise, learn from this process and pass it on to the next. Unknown even to them, consultants actually hold an immense power to make the world a better place.

Collaborative Consulting

However, one person is limited to their own skills and experience. The 2PS platform gives decision-makers in businesses the chance to not only get advice from one mentor, one coach, one consultant, but from a vast community of people dedicated to improve business performance.

We do not think that pitting professionals against one another and using price as the ultimate factor to decide which advice to take onboard will help businesses to improve in the modern world. That's why we want to bring these extraordinary professionals together and allow them to collaborate and innovate to meet your business needs - many heads are always better than one!

At 2PS, we want to be able to offer our services to any organisation in the world, at the lowest possible price. We believe that through improving organisations, we are able to make the world a better place.

This is our new approach to help businesses. This is the future of business consulting. This is 2PS.