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300 new shared workspaces, a Quebec project (French)

"Yann Rousselot-Pailley, CEO of 2PS, a collaborative network of 374 professionals in Montreal and around the world, will propose that 2PS consultants meet in spaces managed by the Interlieux Network."

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Quebec's new platform: "2PS" (French)

"The motto of this new concept is above all honesty."

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The startup challenge: Raising money to make dreams become reality

"Words of wisdom from the startup community..."

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Quebecers "Uberize" Consulting (French)

"Should consulting firms tremble?, founded by French entrepreneurs, wants to compete with KPMG, Deloitte and the others."

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Two Local Entrepreneurs Invent the AirBnB of Consulting...In Quebec (French)

"The concept of is original. It is a fusion of the sharing economy with the consulting industry and video games."

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Coming in 2016: Reinventing Work (French)

Matthieu Dugal receives entrepreneurs Yann Rousselot-Pailley and Yannick Desmarais, explaining how they transform, in their way, the world of work.

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Montrealer wants to battle unscrupulous consultants with 2PS (French)

"Yann-Pailley Rousselot launched 2PS to bypass the large consulting firms with questionable practices [...]"

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Mini-Revolution in the World of Consulting (French)

" is an illustration of the cultural revolution that the consulting industry is going through."


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