Boost Sales by Improving Your Online Presence

Is your website performing as well as it should be? Find out how to get results from your online strategy with 2PS.

We see so many companies getting their online presence wrong. This can be a fatal mistake in the current digital age as an increasing number of people judge a brand on online strategy, social media and website.

Many companies fail to be effective in their online strategy for the following two reasons.

1, Lack clarity of what they want or what they should be doing on the web.

2. Only focus on the technological elements of the project, omitting the importance of marketing, design and branding.

There are a range of easy solutions to strengthen your online presence - always with the intention of increasing that ROI and adding - not detracting - from your overall branding.

Diagnosing problems in navigation structure, SEO, database and contact form integration is a good place to start. Solving all the functional issues within the company website improves the customer experience, helping to make the customer from first time visit to purchase, smoother and more efficient.

Another simple way to improve your online strategy is to analyse competitors and make the same changes in your website, whilst remembering to keep your marketing proposition simple, on brand and engaging.

When testing if your new online platform will work, setting up test pages first provides an inexpensive way to see if website design, overall concept and SEO strategy is attracting the right people, saving you time and money down the track if it proves to be inefficient.

Hiring a specialist in this field can greatly increase your chances of success. When employing the above mentioned tactics one of our experts , Alain Pierre, increased his clients sales to 40% and by 225% for the second month, which overall increased the company's profit margin by 54%.

A good web strategist targets the right audience AND THEN increases the traffic to your website with the people who are actually interested. Don't overlook the huge chances to your profit margin that overhauling your web strategy can achieve.

About our 2PS Expert

Alain began his career as a sales representative for Bell Canada before turning to multimedia and web. After completing a finance degree and receiving his CPA, CMA title, Alain worked as an investment accountant, sales and marketing analyst and management consultant. His experience in web, marketing and finance helps him create full bodied solutions, connecting marketing to web strategy, and web strategy to hitting profit targets. He takes clients through all project stages, from project planification, to graphic design, web development and finally project delivery and maintenance. He prides himself on educating his clients about web and marketing so they can be autonomous and maintain his work after the project is completed.

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