2PS Business Challenge

Challenge yourself and your business. Compete agaisn't other companies by delivering your best elevator pitch and be in the running to recieve 10 hours of advice from a seasoned professional on the subject of your choice.

2PS Business Challenge Bordeaux

Think your business has what it takes? We're giving you the chance to prove it.

The 2PS Business Challenge presents your company with the opportunity to participate in friendly competition against other businesses in your area. In the space of a few short minutes you will be asked to tell the world what your business does through an "Elevator Pitch", challenging you to refine your business plan, value proposition and presentation skills. The winner will be decided by the audience, with votes being counted in through a connected app.

All members of the company and respective business club are welcome to compete, regardless of product, size, service or industry.

The winner of the 2PS elevator pitch will receive 10 hours of advice from a top, seasoned 2PS professional. The winner can choose a consultant to advise them on either marketing, finance, operations or strategy.

If your business is in the Bordeaux area, get in contact with our 2PS Ambassador and send your business proposal and contact details to guillaume.attias@2ps.com.