Blurring the lines between coaching mentoring and consulting

In a business environment, the importance of coaching and mentoring is monumental. Both these processes help in the transfer of guidance and important instructions to a new group of employees in the company, who are trying to adapt to a new role or working environment.

The "Official" Difference

Within the business sector, coaching/mentoring and consulting seem to fall into different categories, each of which offers a set way to support businesses to perform better.
Google "coaching mentoring and consulting" and you will find web pages describing in considerable details and causal diagrams the differences between the three to convince you that they are tremendous:
  • A coaching professional has more experience and is skilled at the art of listening, offering personal advice and being understanding when required.
  • A mentor is focused on honing the special skills which would help an individual reach their goals effectively. A mentor is a professional who utilizes their professional network, experience and skills, to help their customers connect with people interested in a business or a particular project.
  • A consultant is a professional who is considered to be an expert within their domain. They offer and deliver solutions and help their clients achieve business goals for high productivity.

Fighting the same battle

With the industry experiencing and adapting to changes on a regular basis, business consulting has also evolved from its traditional concept towards more complex yet effective strategies to improve businesses. Today, by placing more emphasis on the people within the organisation, and by making them both the subjects and the objects of the projects, the new generation business management consultants are blurring the lines between coaching/mentoring in one side and consulting assistance services on the other side.
The current dynamics of the industry necessitate a change. Every performance enhancement project should involve a team of professionals skilled at the art of listening, with a network, experience and skills on top of a special area of focus.
Whether it is company growth or the expansion of a project, the three skills of mentoring, coaching and consulting are key to success. Today's business consultants are new professional with the ability to listen, effectively connect the dots and act accordingly.
With a century-old model, there can be no doubt that the consulting industry needed to change. Do you see where it is going? At 2PS we have a vision, if you share it, ask us to jump in