Is your company’s CxO ready for a public talk?

Clients and investors are no longer satisfied with the impact of a general press release released by a company. While formerly, a company press release was considered an essential and effective way of informing investors and clients of the latest offerings of the company, as well as a way to attract potential customers, it is not so anymore. Investors are no longer content with the piece of news that is shared or announced in a press release. They want more!

Changing Preferences – Investors Choose Public Speeches Over Press Releases

With press releases no longer being satisfactory for clients and investors, they have developed a preference for public speeches from the company top management. Executives are facing a rapidly rising demand to engage in public speaking to satisfy their investors and convince clients of their quality of services.

The trouble is that while a CMO will probably have the required experience to engage in a successful public speaking session, not every other executive can emerge victorious from the arena of public speaking!

CFOs, CIOs and CTOs are not in the habit of expressing their views and defending their policies in public, which presents the biggest hurdle for a company to adapt to the changing preferences of their investors and clients.

The need of modern times is to prepare and train the executives on how to engage in public speaking and be in contact with their customers. It is essential that they have ideas that are organized and that they themselves are trained to deliver a captivating talk on the subject. The speeches should have a coherent framework, which is known to be in perfect harmony with the values of the organization.

Times have changed and trends are constantly evolving. What was once standard industry procedure is no longer permitted. Thus, there is an urgent need for businesses in all sectors and industries to recognize the need for keeping up with the shifts in preferences and standards.

If you need guidance on how to go about training your executives, then contact a business management consultant for professional advice!