Why 2PS can save your organization during tough times

Is your organization laying off employees? Are you struggling to keep their organizational knowledge within the firm? Do you need to quickly access your alumni and their expertize?

Have you ever laid off an employee?

Losing a job is never a pleasant experience, nor is it a pleasant experience for the person given the task of removing somebody's livelihood. Have you ever taken the time to sit back and fully consider the unforeseen repercussions on your business?

Whether due to financial reasons, lack of performance or a overshot of human recourses for business needs that aren't quite there, letting go of some (or multiple) employees is a sad, and anti-productive reality of business.

Redundancies disrupt the ecosystem of the company, losing valuable organizational knowledge and expertise, reducing team coherence, creating a sense of foreboding in the office and increasing workload and stress levels of employees that are left. A demanding task for your HR department to execute, a financial nightmare of severance packages and a burden on a few teams due to the extra workload, layoffs are a step back for the whole organization.

In an ideal world, you would be able to reduce your organizational expenses and retain the equilibrium within your firm - retain the skills and know-how of the employees, and not disturb any department or team unnecessarily. Isn't it lucky then, that this ideal world exists?

Hire the perfect person quickly, and for less.

It takes, on average, 25 days for your HR team to hire a new candidate. What does that cost you?Many businesses haven't considered the positives of hiring an external consultant. When you hire outside expertise on a contract your "employee" works only on the projects you need done and ONLY until they are done. It's risk management at it's finest. Additionally you get the added benefit of injecting an outside perspective into your business, boosting innovation.

Four BIG benefits of 2PS

  • A 2PS consultant has already worked with a range of companies. They have years of high level professional experience and they know exactly how to make things work for you.
  • They are flexible. Part time, full time, two week contract, yearly contract - you can get a perfectly tailored solution to suit you.
  • Access to top expertise - without big price markups like other consulting firms.
  • Time effective. We can source a single expert, or a team of experts for you.

When the time comes that you don't require your consultant anymore, there will be no awkward conversations or tears in the boardroom. Even if the project is finished, it's reassuring to keep in touch with a former consultant so if the time comes again, you can utilize their knowledge and experience in your company without having to train somebody knew. It's a lot easier (and cheaper!) to work with someone who already knows how your organization operates, rather than someone who will need some time to observe and understand the context of your company.

Save money. Save moral. Save your sanity

Find out how your employees can join our network of consultants and get in touch with us today: +1 855 907 0735 or info@2ps.com