4 types of advisory services

Management consulting, strategy consulting, HR consulting, IT consulting, financial consulting, and marketing & communications consulting.

These are the main types of consulting a business in any industry would need at some point in time. A typical large consulting firm would offer all or a subset of these consulting services. Boutique consulting firms usually specialize in one category only, and sometimes even choose a specific sub-category to offer expertise in.

Here's the thing though. How can someone offer management advice without touching on HR strategy? Why bother with a new strategic direction without considering the new technological developments in the industry that may require changes in the IT department?

What we mean to say is that the classification of consulting services are not as straightforward anymore.

At 2PS, we have created a method to sort the services our consultants offer into 4 main categories:

  • Organization: services that fall in the Organization category are the ones necessary to set and manage the direction and operations of a company. Traditional consulting branches of Strategy, Management and HR are mainly in this category.
  • Technology: Technology is our version of IT consulting. Services that have a technological component to them are in this category.
  • Finance: anything that involves financial strategy or funding goes in the Finance category.
  • Communication: services in the areas of marketing and communications fall under the Communication category.

The 4 consulting fields in detail:


Since the conception of 2PS, our business professionals have been offering expert assistance in business Operations, Human Capital and Strategy. With years of expertise under their belts, our experienced community members identify the strengths and weaknesses of our clients' organizations, and help them in the definition and implementation of strategies and human-centered solutions to build enduring, adaptable and performing businesses in a world of constant change.


Every day a new technology comes to the market, which means every day there are potential new opportunities. Our consultants are selected for their curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Bringing them on board will no doubt bring fresh inquisitiveness and new ways of thinking into your company. From the identification of the best tools to support your business processes, to assistance with innovating at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, our consultants offer advisory services in a wide range of scientific and technical fields.


Since 2001, 2PS consultants helped thousands of businesses to raise funds, negotiate loan conditions, engage in effective investment research and claim tax credit and subsidies. 2PS advisory services cover a wide range of business financial needs, not only for large international corporations, but also for self-managed small- and medium-sized enterprises, NGOs, foundations, public organisations, or newly founded and rapidly-growing companies.


The present era is widely called the 'age of communication'. It is now very clear that it is a must for every organization to be able to effectively communicate in any situation. Market research, Marketing, Sales, Branding, Advertising, Media, Public Relations: involving many crucial fields, communication is at the heart of any modern business. Not surprisingly, today this field appears obliquely in most management consulting missions.

Services fall in multiple fields

However, most of our services actually fall in a few of these categories. Helping an organization with marketing automation would require someone competent in marketing strategy, but also someone who can work the technology. To submit an R&D grant proposal, you need someone who has the relevant financial knowledge, but also experience with the technology specific to the field of desired R&D.

How we categorize services

While there may be some experts who have the necessary skills to be offering a specific service, most consultants have a broader range of skills that are transferrable to many services within their field of expertise. We understand that to get the best results, there is a need for different experts working together. This allows our system to suggest to our consultants other consultants who would be helpful on a specific project.