Working in self-organizing teams

"Organizations are the most powerful force of change on the planet - yet they're held back by outdated operating models. There is a better way."

Holacracy is a complete system for self-organization.

It's a relatively new method of managing an organization, and includes the following characteristics:

  • Flexible and frequently updated roles
  • Distributed authority with no centralized decision making systems
  • Fluid organizational structure due to self-organizing teams
  • Transparent rules that are same for every individual in the organization

Here's a video explaining holacracy in 2 minutes.

At 2PS, we can say we take holacracy a step further.

We're a small team of employees, and we have many many consultants around the world who are not our employees. We're a large consulting company, but we employ no consultants (much like Uber owns no taxis and Airbnb owns no properties). Instead, we created a dynamic, constantly evolving network of consultants from all over the world.

Flexible working arrangements are becoming a norm in many organizations, and people's job descriptions are gradually evolving into roles. Roles are less task oriented, and instead focus on one's responsibilities within the organization. What tasks one performs to fulfil those responsibilities and meet the goals is not fixed. 2PS has only one purpose behind the role of a consultant - to make their client's organization more profitable. That is the role of a consultant in 2PS, whether they are a CRM specialist, IP landscaper, or an expert in writing business plans. From there, they may choose the projects they take part in, based on where they think they can contribute in the best way.

In 2PS, decision making is not centralized. Our consultants can invite new members into the network, independently ask them to collaborate on their clients' projects, and make their own decisions for the benefit of their client. When a consultant suggests a new consulting service that they think should be offered by 2PS, we ask the community to vote on it. With authority distributed this way, we ensure that the consultants within the network retain their independence, while benefiting from being part of the network.

Our teams are indeed, self-organizing. How? Due to the principles that underpin the way that the 2PS universe operates, coupled with the decision making power given to each and every consultant. Consultants can create their own teams for their projects - in fact, it is beneficial for them to create teams because they earn Sharing Points for cross-selling.

The 'rules' in the network apply to everyone equally. It doesn't matter whether you have 40 years of experience in a certain area, or just recently started in the consulting profession - if you are able to apply your skills in the most useful way and play by the rules, you will be rewarded.

Why do we do this?

Why doesn't 2PS have a tightly regulated community, with rigid rules and everything being monitored? Isn't it easier to regulate everything and everyone to make sure only the 'right things' are done?

We believe that rigid and bureaucratic processes and rules are not only inefficient and obstructive to productivity, but actually not natural to the human race. Restrictions on what is allowed and what is forbidden are counterproductive to driving innovation and evolving as the human species.

Self-organizing groups of bright and passionate people working towards a common purpose, loosely regulated by shared ideas and a vision rather than regulations that need to be fulfilled.

This is what the future of work looks like.