It's a referral industry

In an industry that's powered by referrals, you cannot afford to left behind. 2PS is a great way to start referring and getting referred.

The Power of Referrals

Remember that restaurant you discovered because your partner's friends recommended it to you? What about your favourite TV show - didn't your colleague tell you about it? And how you found the medicine for your dog on an online forum?

On the flipside, too, surely you've recommended hotels, bars, children's sports clubs, doctors, recipes, websites, apps, real estate agents… Actually, what haven't you recommended?


Referrals are, and always have been, the most effective method of acquiring more customers for businesses.

Cross-selling for independent service providers

In the consulting industry, almost all projects are obtained through referrals. You complete an finance project for your client, and notice that their figures suggest that they need a better marketing strategy. You involve a consultant from the marketing department of your firm, and the firm has another project with the same client.

Rarely would someone pay thousands of dollars for a consultant they don't know anything about - except that they have a fancy company name on their business card. Usually, it starts with a "I know a guy."

The fact that referrals are so valuable in professional services is good news for everyone involved - the firm gets more business, the client is happy because their business performance improves, and the individual consultants build positive relationships among each other.

However, there is just one problem. This cross-selling model is only present in medium and large sized firms. When it comes to independent professionals and small companies, who will do the cross-selling for them?

An organized system for referrals

2PS created a systematic way for independent consultants to cross-sell and get referred. When you cross-sell other consultants' services to your client, you earn Sharing Points. The more points you have, the higher you rank, and the more visible you become to clients and other consultants. This means that you are more likely to be invited to new missions. Seems simple and fair, right?

"If it's a client I acquired, why should I share?"

#1. You can't be referred to people if you don't know people.

When you work with another consultant, you increase your network of people who might refer you to a future client. It's simple - the more people know about how good you are, the more people will tell important people about you.

#2. Your client needs to like you to keep being your client.

Your client would be more satisfied if you involve the necessary experts in their project, instead of attempting to do everything that you may not necessarily be an expert in yourself. Happy client means more business for you!

#3. Our algorithm only sees facts.

We're sure you're a great consultant, but our system uses an algorithm that doesn't necessarily know that. It sees what you do on the platform, and that's it.

Our algorithm favors people who collaborate the most: they get new clients first, and are recommended when other consultants look for collaborators for a relevant mission.

As you record more work and bill more 2PS Credits, you earn more Skills Points for the services you provide. As you work with more network members, and share your clients with them, you earn more Sharing Points.

The combination of these 2 types of points decides your ranking within the network. To be the preferred expert in your area of expertise, make sure you keep earning both types of points!

Skills Points + Sharing Points = increase in reputation & visibility

Watch short video tutorials to learn more about Sharing Points and Skills Points.