Growth crisis? Focus, organize, regain profitability! - François Beauvais

Want to overcome your "growing pains"? 2PS has the expert to help you with just that - your organization will be growing healthily in no time!

François Beauvais
Growth management specialist - Senior 2PS consultant

Growing is tough. You're working crazy hours, everyone is motivated and hustling, your customer base becomes broader month in and month out, your sales are growing, and revenue numbers seem to be on a healthy incline. And yet, your profitability continues to struggle, cashflow is a daily concern, there aren't enough hours in the day, and you feel all alone to resolve problems that seem more and more complex.

What is happening? You are suffering from "growing pains"!

Too often, we see business owners and managers attempting to do as much as possible for their organization. They take on project after project, expand their target markets, diversify their product portfolio. They worry about company culture, keep an eye on the finances, and ensure the healthy evolution of the brand.

While every detail is important for a great organization, an executive's desire to do everything at the same time may result in the downfall of the business. A tired and overworked manager will not only be unmotivated and unproductive, but could also potentially make bad decisions that will put the company in danger.

Focus is the key, and planning and consistent follow-up are the tools.

Unlocking growth opportunities for your business means taking a step back and considering what is truly important for the organization. What is your essence? Are your operations aligned to your mission or have you gone off on a tangent? Is your resource use optimized for maximum profitability?

By consulting a growth specialist, you can get an expert opinion with a fresh perspective on your organization. 2PS has experts who will work alongside you to rapidly identify areas where you can act now to refocus, reorganize, and rediscover your passion. You will face challenges of healthy growth, reduce stress and external pressures, and bring about profit.

About our expert:

François Beauvais has over 20 years of experience in triggering growth for small and medium sized enterprises. He is a "Growth Doctor" that accompanies executives through tough periods of organizational growth by identifying actionable strategies to regain focus, come back to the company mission, and develop and adapt your organization to sustain growth and generate profit.

François is someone who is willing to ask the tough questions, and has an down-to-earth and action-oriented approach. While assisting you in developing a healthy organization with the right values, an optimal use of resources and the relevant tools to manage everything, he focuses on profitability - the one thing that defines a successful organization.

François mainly offers the following services:

Plan and strategy
Stay on course!
Business plan
Think outside the box with your business plan
Business coaching
Coaching for executives, managers and entrepreneurs
Change management
Management of organizational, technological or professional changes
Entrepreneurial succession
Coaching in entrepreneurial succession
Financial model
Financial modelling for projects and profitability calculation
Funding strategy
An integrated funding approach for companies
Private investment
Support in attracting private investors
Corporate structure
The structure of your business throughout its development
Business development strategy
Develop growth strategies for your organization through value-creation
Venturing abroad
Exploring opportunities while controlling risks
Selection and implementation of CRM solutions
The right information at the right time

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