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Where do I get started with crowdfunding? How do I create a compelling pitch? What kind of marketing campaign actually works? 2PS fundraising experts can solve all your doubts!

Maude Laplante
Crowdfunding, digital marketing & PR - Passionate about enabling startup growth - Senior 2PS consultant

When you have a great idea, funding may seem more or less accessible. You have a great team, a working prototype, and some initial supporters - who wouldn't want to invest into your fantastic idea that will change people's lives?

However, when it comes to actually raising funds, many startups tend to be underprepared and fail to understand the extent of the grunt work required to set up a successful crowdfunding campaign.

On Kickstarter alone, only 35% of campaigns meet their fundraising goal, and 14% do not receive a single dollar.

Simply posting a crowdfunding campaign online is not enough to secure funding. For people to invest in you, they need to be aware that you are looking for funding. Hence, spreading the word and creating buzz around your startup is vital.

When it comes to crowdfunding, preparation is everything. Entrepreneurs who succeed at crowdfunding are highly prepared and have an extremely detailed plan for the campaign pre-launch, weekly targets and strategies, day-to-day marketing operations, investor communications...literally, everything is planned out!

Maybe it sounds a little overwhelming right now. Worry not - experienced mentors and marketing strategists can help you assemble a top-notch crowdfunding campaign!

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Maude Laplante has previously started a crowdfunding platform, and currently owns a crowdfunding marketing agency: a full bundle service of digital marketing, business development, and crowdfunding. She offers a unique service for startups looking to raise funds, taking care of everything required to organize a crowdfunding campaign - creating the campaign strategy, streamlining email marketing and social media, reaching out to influencers, strategic partners and investors.

Maude specializes in both rewards crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding, and has worked with startups in various industries, including software, IoT, lifestyle technology, entertainment, and NGOs. She is particularly passionate about green technology.

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