Partnership between Living Lab Montréal and 2PS

2PS partners with organizations that share our passion for disrupting and innovating, especially in the world of work.

In line with Montréal's Smart City Action Plan, many entrepreneurs aim to reinvent the city.

Living Lab Montréal is a center for co-creation and open innovation that enables collaboration between citizens, researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers.

As a Montréal-based project, Living Lab aims to improve the use of resources in cities and optimize the utilization of these resources by citizens. The Living Lab is a nonprofit organization that welcomes innovative projects and creates an environment to foster collaboration among individuals.

2PS is proud to be partnering with Living Lab Montréal.

The collaboration is a perfect integration between the two organizations, and the partnership complements expansion strategies of both organizations.

Recently, Living Lab started a project to transform outdated and unused public and private spaces outside metropolitan areas into modern and collaborative workplaces for local company employees, entrepreneurs, and other residents. Rebranding rural and suburban idle buildings into coworking spaces means not only saving individual workers' time and money, but also creating tighter communities, and reducing overcrowding and pollution in the cities.

2PS plans on integrating independent professionals who are working with Living Lab into the 2PS network, which not only connects them to their local ecosystem, but also links them to other Living Labs, near or far.

Living Lab Montréal is the original prototype of this kind of innovative and collaborative space, and will be the first of many Labs that will transform cities around the globe.

Starting in November 2016, members of the 2PS network will have access to Living Lab Montréal. However, only a handful of the best performing members will have this opportunity, so make sure you earn those Sharing Points!

We're honored and excited to be involved with such an outstanding project.